For all those who aren’t afraid of exploring the unexplored fields, this is an experimental ambient quartet and a weird teleport between Japan and Prague. Here is what they say about Kon B at SR: No, this album’s not meant for doing the dishes. Or, it might be, but you’d better expect your plates will turn into a clutch of roots, strings, ropes, cables and spider webs. A whole kitchen might soar up. Gurun Gurun looked into the faraway lands, undergrounds and underworlds and these are some extraordinary notes from their travels.
Gurun Gurun was founded in 2007 by a guitar player Tomáš Knoflíček and a keyboard player Jára Tarnovski, joined by a multi-instrumentalist Federsel in 2008. The fourth member of GG is Ondřej Ježek, who came in 2009. Gurun Gurun’s music is characterized by low repetitive melodies, hypnotic minimalistic atmosphere, with the use of real sounds and terrain recordings. Gurun Gurun combines digitally modified guitars, analogous oscillators and gramophones with acoustic instruments.





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