Intiche is a musician from Wallmapu (Bs.As; Argentina) and now a resident in Berlin, Germany.
His music is a very powerfull mix of native music with electronic, minimal and energetic sounds. His music makes a consistent awareness.
The rhythm is also an approach to our brother and sister-protector of Pachamama (Mother Earth).
The approximations of their visions, their ancestral experiences in connection with nature and the knowledge of it, mixed with his motivation and energy produces this music.
The dancing and the music vibration in this new time is what effects a positive re-evolution.
The conciousness expands, changing it for our Mother Earth to win respekt again for her and also respect for ourselves without destroying us or our Nature.
Intiche, as the word says, is a mixture of native cultures.
INTI: Sun in Quechua and Aymara,
CHE: in mapundungun means people.
People from the sun.
This mixture is like the same mestizo in andean music, pre-columbian, prehispanic, mapuche, guaranie, amazonica with a background of music and electronic beats, jungles and mountains, seas and winds of South, Central and North America; voices and thoughts of our ancestors; beautiful old melodies, hopes and strength, the struggle to heal, to give positive energy to the „Pachamama“.






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